Saturday 12 June 2021

Opportunities for female esports athletes.


Female scholars are afforded fantastic opportunities when competing in MSSA's SA National Online Championships.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is very proud of its efforts in promoting females in gaming.

MSSA's female Protea Team Members (past and present) are trailblazers, as they have raised the bar for every other national federation. Especially in esports, it is South Africa's female athletes that lead the way by continually representing South Africa in its Protea Esports Team. In fact, it is only South Africa that has had female members of its national esports team each-and-every-year since 2008.

The growth and development of such female esports athletes and administrators begins at school level.

To further enable female esports athletes, MSSA awards femal
e participants in only female divisions and then allows such athletes to compete in the National Protea Selection Process.

As a result, many of South Africa's top female esports athletes have furthered their careers by proudly representing South Africa officially in many international events.

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