Monday 28 June 2021

Results - MSSA's 2021 South African Online National High School Esports Championships.

Juan-Matthew Knoetsec (Middleburg High School) is the first learner from Middleburg to earn National High School Colours for Esports,

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) held its 2021 South African Online National High School Esports Championships on26 June 2021.

With schools having entered from around the country was encouraging to see the growth exhibited by the schools. The standard of play proved to be much  improved and many of thee older esports schools had to fight, desperately hard, to maintain their positions.

What is becoming more and more evident is that the schools that successfully develop and grow their esports sections, such schools treat esports like any other sport.

In other words, the successful schools have coaching, sometimes outsourced, pay attention to creating depth of playing talent, and promote activity in a number of game titles.

However, on a sadder note, not one school entered a female athlete. 

The growth and development of a true competitive culture starts at school level. If the schools themselves do not promote esports among female learners, such inbalance will be carried forward to senior competitive levels.

Nevertheless, MSSA's 2021 South African Online National High School Esports Championships proved to be an  exciting event.

The winners of the various game titles are:

TitleName of player/teamSchoolColours awarded
Clash RoyaleJuan-Matthew KnoetsecMiddelburg HoërskoolNational High School Colours
Counter-Strike: GOFAIRMONT CS:GOFairmont High schoolNational High School Colours
FIFA '21Wetsi MoloiMiddelburg HoërskoolNational High School Colours
HearthStone - High SchoolAidan VorsterKrugersdorp High SchoolNational High School Colours
HearthStone - Primary SchoolKyle VorsterMonument PrimaryNational Primary School Colours
League of LegendsJeppe LoL Team 1Jeppe Boys High SchoolNational High School Colours
PaladinsChubby MafiaNorthcliff High SchoolNational High School Colours
Street Fighter (tied 1st place)
Theunis van der MerweKlerksdorp High School
Victor StraussKlerksdorp High School
Sportsmanship AwardKennard WardFairmont High School

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