Monday 20 July 2015

Crowd funding to get SA athletes overseas!

Who is Game On Magazine and why do we care?

Game On Magazine  ( was created to support and nurture our love of Sport in South Africa, starting in our early school years and culminating in professional sport.  We don't just talk about the people who are currently stars, we aim to share inspiring stories of how the "stars" got to be stars, and to start to tell the stories of the emerging stars of tomorrow and inspire the as yet to be stars to believe and become all they choose to be in the sport they are most passionate about.

Our magazine is constantly hearing how extremely talented and passionate young sports stars cannot participate in national and international competitions, or afford basic kit and uniforms for the National Teams, and whose big dreams are not realised because sports that are not considered a high priority, just do not receive the government or public funding they so desperately need to allow top athletes/sports girls/boys/men/women to represent their regions or country at high profile events.   This is just wrong....... dream killing is wrong!

Many of these youngsters come from very low income families, and without sponsors, cannot participate at all.

Game On is choosing to make a difference.........  We want to change the face of sport funding in South Africa and we need your help to do it.

We want to create an independent sports wealth fund that is not controlled by parastatals or organisations (that have their own agenda as to how to manage these funds).  To do this (and show everyone IT CAN BE DONE), we are opening the floor to EVERYONE WHO LOVES SPORT to ask you to contribute whatever you can and feel inspired to, so that we can begin to make a difference in these amazing young people's lives.
If a million people just contribute $1, we can move mountains for so many talented young people.

               So, do you have $1/R12 to spare?
Who will you be helping?
An example, Tasneem Cozyn, currently the U/18 Karate World Champion (and one of 5 children) does not have the funding to represent her country in 2 International competitions and attend 4 National competitions (she needs R 110 000 -R120 000 a year = $10 000). She is one of many we constantly hear about in our interviews that we profile.  She is featured in our July issue:

Another example is our SA U/18 Baseball Team has qualified to play in the IBAF 2015 World Cup but they have been told there is no funding for them to go and they have to self fund it or they cannot attend.  This is TRAGIC!  (Featured in Game On Magazine :

Amazing Grace Legote, Africa's top rhythmic gymnast has no sponsor to help her compete internationally and get the competitive experience she needs to qualify to go to the 2015 Olympics.  (Featured in Game On Magazine :

These are just 3 examples, there are so many more........

The funds we raise will support these people/teams to realise their sporting dreams of participating competitively and having the funding to do so.

If for any reason we don't reach our target, any funding received will still be used to support the people that we have become aware of, and we will publish our funding support on our website for public viewing.

The Impact
If we achieve the full amount, Game On will indeed be able to change the face of sports funding in South Africa for a huge number of young people!  It will make possible what is currently believed to be impossible.

Risks & Challenges

We are perfectly positioned in the sporting world to connect with the youth through our magazine and free Magazine App to share the stories, and the successes achieved through this campaign.  We are fortunate to not be affiliated to any sporting structures that can railroad the funding or instruct us as to how to distribute the funds.  It is these very structures and organisations that have created the funding issues currently being faced by deserving youngsters and we will not be dictated to by any of them.

Our challenge is to ensure that the funds are well-managed, and that we have  qualifying criteria in place to ensure that the funds are used for the purpose they are intended.  All beneficiaries (if they are minors their parents will be carefully vetted) will complete a financial means assessment and application process that will be reviewed by a carefully selected panel of independant entrepreneurs (with no vested interest in the magazine or any sporting structure in South Africa).  Once approved, funding will be internally managed and payments made to vendors on behalf of the person.  No funds will be released directly to that person to self-manage. 

For us to reach our goal, we ask you to share this with everyone and anyone who loves sport and would be willing to make a difference.  The tools to share are right here in Indiegogo.

Thanks for choosing to make a difference.


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