Sunday 26 July 2015

Process for the creation of an MSSA affiliated School Club

Simphiwe Maphumulo - MSSA President
1. Since school clubs are strictly controlled legal entities, school clubs do not have to have a constitution. Instead the clubs only require permission from the Principal and musty also have an Educator-in-Charge. The MSSA shall route all correspondence through the Educator-in-Charge. 

2. Since school club's are part of the school, all monies must be handled by the school.

3. Fill in the following paperwork:

  • The Advice form – which also states the fees
  • Registration Forms for the Educator-in-Charge.
4. Deposit the annual affiliation fees for the club and the Educator-in-Charge into MSSA’s bank account

6. Send MSSA the following information (via fax or e-mail):
  • Proof of payment of all fees
  • The completed Advice Form
  • All completed registration forms
7. Please confirm with an MSSA official that the documentation was received and that all is in order

8. Await acknowledgement of application from MSSA, after which the club is registered

9. Determine if any of your club’s members wish to serve as MSSA officials on any of the MSSA committees. If so, please contact MSSA to determine which positions are available and to acquire the appropriate forms.

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