Tuesday, 15 December 2015

2015 MSSA Management Board Awards

Elishia Retief - Mind Sports Person of the Year
Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) revealed at its Annual General Meeting the recipients of its prestigious Management Board Awards for the 2015 year.

It is always difficult for the Board to make these awards with so many outstanding performances from which to choose. Thus, the entire membership is enrolled in making nominations, and it is from these nominations that the final choice is made.

Elishia Retief – Elishia needs no introduction. Elishia is the female World Champion for no less than two years in a row. Her standard of play is thus at its peak, and her level of sportsmanship is without compare.

Lubabalo Kondlo – Lubabalo represented South Africa in Checkers in the USA, Italy and Wales in South Africa. Lububalo finished in sixth place in the World Qualifying Championships.

Kyle Turnbull - At 15 Kyle is one of South Africa's rising stars. Kyle played in online test matches against Austria and Zimbabwe in which he carried himself with distinction. Kyle too is unbeaten for three years in South African major championships.

Jason Batzofin – Jason is a two times Junior World Champion for Ancients Wargames. His dedication is unparalleled. Jason too, is committed to development and promotion of the game.

Morizane Boyes – It is not hard to praise Morizane. If MSSA requires assistance, Morizane is there. Her willingness to help, administrate, umpire and organise seems to know no bounds. Morizane is also South Africa's only internationally accredited umpire for eSports.

Andrew Rose of MyCommunity - The website has given MSSA fantastic coverageto MSSA and eSports. The dedication shown by Andrew to eSports is truly remarkable.

MWEB – MWEB has sponsored MSSA for three years in a row as MSSA''s headline sponsor. With MWEB's sponsorship, much has been able to be achieved in all fields. Standards have been improved, and South Africa has moved from being ranked in 18th place to 12th place in the world.
The sponsorship has also allowed MSSA to do vital development works in townships and rural areas which are beginning to show fruit.

Mind Sports Person of the Year: Elishia Retief Old Edwardian Wargames Club
Board Gamer of the Year: Lubabalo Kondlo Dr Niederhoffer Memorial CC
Computer Gamer of the Year: Kyle Turnbull HTS Witbank
Wargamer of the Year: Jason Batzofin St John's College
Volunteer of the Year: Morizane Boyes HTS Witbank
Mind Sports Writer of the Year: Andrew Rose MyCommunity
Best Sponsor of the Year: MWEB

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