Sunday 6 December 2015

Interview with Australian Challenger-tier support player Joshua “Blindturkey” Patrizi:

 Australian  player Joshua “Blindturkey” Patrizi at the IeSF's 7th World Championships - Seoul
Q1: Which players stood out for you in the tournament for League of Legends and why?
Joshua: “The top laner for China Ni “lonely” Ruifeng was really good in the game we played against them. He played favorite player of the tournament. I saw how impactful and mechanically skilled his bard play was in their semi-final match against Serbia.”
Hecarim and had a really good idea of when to kill who especially with his teleport plays which had a really big impact on the game. The Korean support player Kim “Colorless” Chan Young was my
Q2: How has the event been for you so far?
Joshua: “It’s been really fun. I’ve been to a couple of national events back home in Australia but nothing as big as this. It’s been really cool to talk to other teams here too and what the different play styles are in their regions, I definitely picked up some really good tips.”
Q3: How did you get in to League of Legends?
Joshua: “I started playing League of Legends near the end of season 1 when I was looking for a new game to play. My oldest memory I have of the game is playing support Fiddlesticks in the 3v3 match ups and how funny it was when two fiddlesticks life drained each other.”
Q4: As a challenger-tier player what tips do you have for new players or players looking to improve their game?
Joshua: “I would say analyse typical things you do in a game and ask yourself why you did that. It is also important not to always play to win but rather to play to improve, don’t be afraid to try new things and always try to have fun. ”

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