Thursday 24 December 2015

MSSA leads and other follow...

Talent may be found everywhere!
Looking  back at  MSSA's  involvement in eSports, it has beginning to become  far clearer that MSSA leads and all  other gaming bodies follow.

Even going back to 2005 when MSSA started  its online gaming league, it was others that copied the MSSA league and then called it its own.

Consequently  after 2009 MSSA ceased running its  on-line  league as  the recreational purposes of  the league were being  taken care of, and  MSSA was able to concentrate on its core business of getting Protea Teams  ready for international competition.
Part of getting teams  ready was the programme of bringing top players out to South Africa.

In 2008,  MSSA brought out SK Gaming to  help get South African players  to understand what is required  in  international  competition.

Then again, thanks to MegaRom and Internet Solutions, MSSA brought out Silvui 'NightEnd' Lazar.

Both events proved  to be most enjoyable and helped many players understand just what is  needed to make it  on an  international stage.

To  create a truly top international  team, development has to be extended to as many of South Africa's  regions.

It is really only MSSA, through  its  sponsorship from MWEB, that  incurs the expense of operating championships  in the less profitable areas of South Africa.

If eSports  is to transform in South Africa, then there must be championships  held  in every part of South Africa so that all latent talent may  be discovered and developed.

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