Saturday 13 October 2018

Closing date for clubs to bid to host events - 1 November 2018.

A MSSA provincial championship in full swing.
All clubs that are fully-paid-up and affiliated to Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) have the opportunity to host any MSSA event. Such events include: 

  • Coaching courses,
  • Umpires' courses,
  • Regional Championships,
  • Provincial Championships, and 
  • National Championships.
The closing date for such bids is 1 November 2018, and must be directed to . However, should there not be sufficient bids for an event, MSSA reserves the right to extend the date for such bid or to even just hold the event itself.

The ability for clubs to host is part of MSSA's policy of developing and strengthening member clubs.

By hosting events, member clubs are able to gain much needed publicity and ensure that their members are afforded the opportunity of participating in MSSA events.

Only clubs within a province may bid to host a provincial Offline championship, whereas any club may bid to host a national Offline championships.

The proposed calendar of events for 2019 may be found at:

The rules for the hosting of National and Provincial events is covered by the regulations.

For further details please contact 

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