Tuesday 16 October 2018

A two horse race...

From left to right: Constantine Surkont (Russia) and Colin Webster (South Africa) at IESF's 8th World Championships - Jakarta.
On 10 November 2018 the International Esports Federation (IESF) shall hold its Ordinary General Meeting at which IESF shall elect a new president.

In terms of the Statutes, there are three individuals who qualify to stand for such position, being Silviu Stroei (Romania), Coonstantine Surkont (Russia), and Colin Webster South Africa).

IESF's current Statutes require a candidate for the position of president to have completed a full term on a committee for which he/she has been elected.

However, although three individuals qualify for candidacy, only two individuals are contesting the position through will of the membership.

In the one corner, you have Constantine Surkont. Constantine is a member of the Russian eSports Federation. Without doubt ReSF is a a huge, powerful, and overwhelming force in the esports world. With its massive size and huge interests in esports, there is much that ReSF through Constantine brings to the table.

In the other corner there is Colin Webster of South Africa. Colin has been involved in the administration o
f esports since 1998 and is instrumental for much of the constitutional change in IESF. While Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) cannot match ReSF in terms of resources, MSSA is the first body to have obtained official recognition for esports as a sport (2005), and is currently the number one ranked federation, by IESF, for administration.

It will be a tou
gh choice for the member national federations, but the will of the membership will have its way when the majority vote one way or the other.

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