Saturday 6 October 2018

Dmitry Smith (ReSF) addresses 300 representatives in "Sport and Future" Conference.

Dmitry Smith (second from the right) advancing esports in Russia.
Dmitry Smith, President of the Russian eSports Federation, took part in the conference “Sport and Future”, organized by HSE (Higher School of Economics), the International Center for Sports Studies and the FIFA Master Alumni Association with the support of the Football Union of Russia.

The main topics of the conference “Sport and Future” were the current trends in the development of the world sports industry. The event was attended by such eminent speakers as FIFA President Gianni Infantino, CIES President Pierre Cornu, Google Vice President Fabio Coelho, Milan Internazionale Vice President Javier Zanetti and many others.

Dmitry Smith spoke at the “Esports Influence” panel discussion. Also, on the panel were Ralph Reichert, CEO of the Electronic Sports League (ESL) and Christian Volk, head of digital marketing at FIFA. In his speech, Dmitry spoke about the peculiarities of the development of esports in Russia and separately about the partnership with the Football Union of Russia.

Esports are increasingly associated with “big sports” and we are very excited about this trend. A lot of work has been done not only in making esports popular, but also in organizing quality competitions, training referees, and carrying out relevant scientific and applied research. Separately, I would like to note the productive interaction with the Football Union of Russia. Thanks to our joint work, Russia became the first country to recognize electronic football as a sports discipline of football. And competitions in electronic football – official championships and cups of Russia are held at the highest level with using the football infrastructure and famous experts and players from the “big football”, said Dmitry Smith in his speech.

More than 300 representatives of international sports organizations, world leading sports experts, heads of international and national federations, leagues and sports clubs took part in the Conference.

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