Friday 5 October 2018

Early Bird Promotion in October for GEES 2018!

Global Esports Executive Summit (GEES) is the place to gather key esports stakeholders to reach consensus for esports development and to involve International Sports Society to openly discuss on how esports can generate synergies with traditional sports.

The topics deal with many of the vital issues in this fast growing sport as esports h
urtles towards full accreditation as a sport.
Under the International Esports Federation (IESF), esports ha
s moved closer to being recognised as an official sport, and with having over 48 member National Federations as members, IESF has a vast pool of knowledge and experience upon which it can draw.

The Agenda for GEES is:
Keynote SpeechEsports World (Publisher’s perspective)
Keynote SpeechEsports World (Federation’s perspective)
Panel DiscussionHow publishers and federations can collaborate for esports ecosystem development
Gaming Disorder
Keynote SpeechGaming Disorder
Panel DiscussionHow esports can support gaming disorder
Profit Model
Keynote SpeechProfit models comparison between esports and game Industry
Panel DiscussionHow esports stakeholders can create sustainable profit models and expand the market?
Keynote SpeechHow Korean Government has supported esports from administration ?
Panel DiscussionWhat are the outcomes when esports connected to administration ?

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