Monday 22 October 2018

Nominating Registered Players for the position of MSSA President.

Amanda Pakade - MSSA's current president.

Although every club may nominate Registered Players for positions on the Management Board, the Selection Committee, and for Provincial and Regional Directors, only one position is ‘ring-fenced’. Such position is that for the position of MSSA president.

Nevertheless, even though the position of MSSA president is ‘ring-fenced’, every member club may still nominate eligible candidates for such position, and may still vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the valid nominations.

Only Registered Players who have already fully served all their full terms for which they were elected to the Management Board may then stand for the position of MSSA president.

Even individuals who are no longer registered, but who meet the criteria and register before the 1 November 2018 deadline are able to stand for the position. In total there are 26 individuals who fall into this category.

A full list of current Registered Players may stand for the position of President are:
  • Carl Holliday
  • Amanda Pakade
  • Era Schoeman
  • Garth Schoeman
  • Colin Webster
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