Thursday 11 October 2018

Esports titles to be played at 2019 School Championships.

Northcliff High School's 'VainGlory' team.
The 2018 MSSA Online Inter-schools Championships was no doubt the most well attended MSSA online championships ever.

The 2018 edition of the championships involved more schools than ever before from seven provinces, and many of the top private and public schools were represented.

Every year more-and more schools affiliate to MSSA, and many predict that within the next four years, the school online league shall involve more schools than any other sport.

MSSA believes that the Online School Championships remains an important foundation phase to the development of eSports as a whole. MSSA is too of the opinion that the winning winning teams and players will go on to rattle the cages off the older teams and successfully challenge the 'status quo' of the senior teams which will ultimately provide the competition needed for South African gaming to improve upon its current standards.

However, it is that time of the year when the member clubs of Mind Sports South Africa will decide upon which esports titles shall be offered for MSSA's 8th Online Inter-schools Championships.

The titles offered in 2018 were:
  • CounterStrike: GO
  • DotA 2
  • FIFA '18
  • HearthStone
  • League of Legends
  • StarCraft II
  • Tekken 7
  • VainGlory
The decision on the esports titles to be played in MSSA'sSchools Championships, some of which will be entering their ninth year of existence, will depend on:
  • Nominations made by member clubs,
  • Popularity of the esports title among entrants, 
  • If the esports title will promote development and representivity,
  • Age restrictions,
  • If the esports title will help produce future members for the Protea Esports Team, and
  • The financial affordability of promoting such esports title.
Thus all those who think changes must be made, must please discuss such with your club chairmen/chairwomen.


  1. Is there an educator division as well. Not for prizes or anything but school bragging rights. Would get more learners involved if some of the teachers played as well or even have an exhibition team with a teacher as a team member.

  2. Although there is not an Educator division, nothing stops Educators at the school from representing the school at senior regional, provincial, and national championships.

    However, it should be remembered that the school teams may also participate in MSSA's senior regional, provincial, and national championships, so, if the Educators wish to run the risk of being pulverised by their own learners, the Educators are welcome to participate.