Sunday 28 October 2018

Vote on which game title you want to see played in 2019.

Registered Players are invited to have their say.
Even though Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) takes direction from its member clubs, MSSA still believes that it is important to listen directly to its players.

For such reason, the Players' Representative is directly elected by Registered Players (please see: The position of MSSA's Players' Representative is up for election at the 2018 SA National Championships.) in order to ensure that the member clubs truly represent th
e interests of their Registered Players, and to ensure that MSSA's Management Board also represents the wishes of the Registered Players.

It is for such reason that MSSA is also polling Registered Players for the choice of esports game titles to be played at the various levels of championships.

Thus there is a poll for the Premier, Student, and High School Championships and Leagues.

The polls may be found at:

  • Premier:
  • Student:
  • High School:
Only ten game titles shall be selected, so have your say.

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