Friday 9 November 2018

A hard fought victory!

The Protea League of Legends team in action vs Denmark
Game 1 saw Mind Sports South Africa's Protea Team (sponsored by Partnermedia, North West University, and ZAG Academy) lose against an aggressive Israeli team in the best of one group stage. The team however showed great composure as they readied themselves to face Denmark in game 2.

After adjusting to the low latency and the roaring arena at the tournament they went into their clash against Denmark with determination and great mental acumen. The match against Denmark lasted over 45 minutes and saw the lead change hands time and time again. After an aggressive power play in the final moments South Africa caught Denmark off guard and secured the victory.

The match between Denmark and Israel will determine the teams fate. If Denmark loses against Israel in game 3 the South African League of Legends team will advance into the top 16. Will Israel continue to push forward or will Denmark be able to force an upset?

Find out in the next update for day one.

Further schedule for day 1(Schedule has been delayed due to technical difficulties)

CS:GO     - Game 1 - South Africa vs Russia @ 07:00
CS:GO     - Game 2 - South Africa vs Japan @ 14:00

*All times are South African local time (GMT +2)

On day 2 Alasdair Donaldson will start his competition in TEKKEN 7 by squaring up to Saudi Arabia at 05:00.

For pictures of the event see our Facebook album that will be updated throughout the event.

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