Sunday 25 November 2018

Proposed changes to the position of National Team Manager.

MSSA's 2018 team officials - Jesse Joubert (left), Amanda Pakade (centre), and Johan van Breda (right).
Mind Sports South Africa's National Team Manager (NTM) is vital in ensuring the discipline, training schedule, and performance of the National Protea Team. 

It is the National Team Manager that is held responsible for the performance, or non-performance, of the national team. Obviously there are sometimes extenuating circumstances which MSSA's  Management Board takes into account upon reviewing the performance of the National Team Manager.

To help MSSA choose the best  possible National Team Manager, MSSA is proposing to increase the number of criteria in order to allow even more Registered Players to qualify for this ever  so important position.

The proposed rules also remove the selection of the National Team Manager from the Management Board and places such selection of such position in the hands of the Selection Committee. It is thought that such a move will remove the appointee from being a political appointment and, instead, ensure that the position shall be based purely on merit and limit political wrangling on the Management Board.

With the Selection Committee themselves being responsible for the performance of the National Team Manager and the National Team, the appointment of an ineffective National Team Manager could mean the replacement of the entire Selection Committee.

The proposed changes are:

40.1 National Team Managers shall be appointed by the Selection Committee from Registered Players who are:
a. Current or past members of the Management Board, or
b. Have held office for at least three years in an administrative or technical capacity for MSSA, or
c. Have already served as a National Team Manager, or
d. Have earned Protea Colours.
40.2 Team Managers shall be appointed on a contractual basis to be determined by the Selection Committee.
40.3 All such contracts shall require ManCom approval.
40.4 The Selection Committee may dismiss a National Team Manager for non performance.

40.5 Members of the Selection Committee shall not be eligible for selection.

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