Saturday 24 November 2018

Producing top quality umpires.

Garth Schoeman, one of MSSA's most dedicated umpires.
Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has been running esports events since 1998.

In order to do so, MSSA has had a policy apropos umpires in place since 1985. Efficiant umpires can do much to build and enhance an event, where poor umpiring can be its death-knell.

Over the years, MSSA has produced 8 international accredited umpires. Some of such umpires have no less than 6 years of umpiring under their belts. When you consider that international umpires are accredited on an annual basis, you will realise the amount of effort expended by both MSSA and the umpires in question in maintaining their accreditation.

However, umpiring often remains a thankless task. An umpire needs to be tough, resilient, and to know a great deal about the discipline which he or she is umpiring.

Too few volunteer for this all important job, that is why MSSA always delights in being able to send candidates overseas for training.

The list of current accredited umpires is as follows:

Accredited international umpires
1Allwright, Terence James133
2Beck, Simone1
3Botha, Bernice11
4Boyes, Morizane1YES
5Boyes, Ryan1
6Colin, Henry12
7Janse van Rensburg, Adele1
8Joubert, Jessie
9Loftus, Leonard
10Loftus, Paula111
11Schoeman, Garth22322YES
12Swart, Esmari11
13Uys, Johan11
14van Breda, Johan11412171YES
15van der Wath, Cobus2
16van der Westhuizen, Marisa1
17van Wyk, Nelson2
18Webster, Colin2114192YES

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