Saturday 10 November 2018

A day filled with promise...

MSSA's CS:GO team standing in front of the main stage on day 1.
Day one showed fierce competition and multiple upsets in the results. MSSA's Protea CS:GO Team (sponsored by Partnermedia, North West University, and ZAG Academy) faced off against Russia and Japan in their group. Losing to both they will not advance through to the Top 16.

In League of Legends, Group C, Israel managed to secure a win over Denmark. The South African League of Legends team will thus advance into the Top 16 out of the group stages along Israel who topped group C. With the last matches of the group phase concluded the South African League of Legends team is set to go up against Finland at 04:30(South African time.) Finland topped Group F after emerging victorious against Saudi Arabia and Namibia.

Day 2 will also see Alasdair Donaldson start his group stage journey for TEKKEN 7.
Alisadair Donaldson

Schedule for Day 2:

LOL          - South Africa vs Finland at 07:00
TEKKEN 7 - South Africa vs Saudi Arabia 05:00
TEKKEN 7 - South Africa vs Chinese Taipei 05:30
TEKKEN 7 - South Africa vs Philippines 06:30

For pictures of the event see our Facebook album that will be updated throughout the event.

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