Wednesday 21 November 2018

SA's Ladder titles are up for grabs at SA National Championships.

It is at MSSA's SA National Championships that champions are born.
Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) shall be holding its annual South African National Championships (SAN) on 1 and 2  December 2018.

It is such SAN that there is a coming together of the various National Titles.

The winners at SAN not only become the accredited South African National Championships, but the the winners to are awarded the titles of SA LADDER Champion for their respective periods (game titles).

But why do it this way? Why have the winners at SAN also take the title of 
SA LADDER Champion?
The Ladder works on a system of challenges throughout the year in order to give clubs the opportunity to improve their teams/players' playing skills outside of the normal MSSA championships. The Ladder allows teams/players' to experiment with new tactics, combinnations, etc., without affecting ther rankings or chances of qualifying for National Team Trials.

Clubs may challenge any club on the ladder. Any club so challenged has 5 days within which to respond and play the match. Such rule allows the ladder to retain its dynamic nature and stops the challenged club from delaying unnecessarily.

However, any 
team challenged during any official MSSA event while both teams are participating in such event, and are paired by the umpire to play against each other, must play such challenge. This means that any or all games in a MSSA Regional, Provincial, and/or National Championship may count as ladder games.

The full rules for the ladder may be found here: 
Important changes to MSSA's Inter-Club Ladder rules.

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