Sunday 18 November 2018

IESF's numbers swell.

Delegates representing all IESF's member federations at the 2018 General 
International Esports Federation (IESF) is a non profit association consisting of member national federations. With 53 members across every continent, IESF is the only organisation that can truly claim to be the largest membership based esports organisation.

Yet the numbers continue to grow as more-and-more nations see the benefits of participating in an organised structure.

Every year new Esports National Federations apply for membership. In 2018 the following six countries were awarded full membership status by IESF at the Ordinary General Meeting (OGM), being: 

  • Japan (Japan eSports Union), 
  • Mexico (Mexican eSport Association), 
  • New Zealand (New Zealand eSports Federation), 
  • Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabian Federation for Electronic & Intellectual Sport), 
  • Slovakia (Slovakia Electronic Sports Association), and 
  • United States of America (United States eSports Federation). 

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