Monday 3 February 2020

First in Battle (FiB) re-affiliates to MSSA.

FiB's latest elite team.
Having first affiliated to Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) in 2007, First in Battle (FiB) ceased to be a member in 2015. However, First in Battle (FiB) has started a revival aiming to take the club back to the top. The club is determined to get there and are here to win.

In the past the club has proved its worth time-and-time again having earned the following:
  • Team SA - National Colours BF2 2007
  • Team SA - National Colours 2012 BF3
  • Provincial Colours BF2142 2007 BF2
  • Provincial Colours 2008 COD4
  •  1st CoD4 MSSA Champions 2008
  •  BF2 MSSA National Team
  •  1st BF3 National Team 2012
  • 2nd BF2142 MSSA National Championships 2007
  • 3rd CoD4 MSSA Leg 2 2008
Amanda Pakade, MSSA President, stated, "A.J. Herbst, founder of FiB is without doubt one of the leading figures in South African esports. His vision and dedication has ensured that the club has survived over the years, and his commitment to esports will see FiB continue from strength-to-strength." 

Amanda then added, " FiB is proof that all clubs are welcome in MSSA and thateven after a respite, all clubs know that MSSA has an open-door policy."

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