Monday 2 August 2021

An earnest appeal...

OKI Gaming provides a much needed youth development programme.

OKI Gaming, an affiliate of Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA), has been renting its new facility and has not yet managed to get any financial backing or support from all of their efforts from reaching out to people and companies.

Though OKI Gaming has made great progress, and  has introduced a lot of youth into the world of E-Sport, we have met people who believe in what we are doing and that it can work given the adequate support.

We managed to get Supersport's support and airtime to showcase one of the events we plan to host, a gaming festival in the West Rand, once the COVID-19 situation settles down. It will be televised on one of their channels.

OKI Gaming will also get assistance from MSSA and Ekasi E-Sport in hosting the event.

Red Bull has supplied a monthly supply of energy drinks to help create that esport environment at the venue.

Due to the lack of a reliable internet connection and adequate computers, we are using our PS4 consoles with mouse and keyboards to assist players play Fortnite -  and that is going very well.

OKI Gaming is also running an exciting female development programme which they are hoping to use to introduce more females into mainline competitive gaming and see more females earn Provincial, National, and Protea Colours.

OKI Gaming is also part of a group with the Stellenbosch University students to do a case study on esport and our business as part of their research project.

With MSSA's assistance, OKI Gaming officials, are looking at making an application to the National Lottery Trust Fund (NLTF). Such applications are available to all MSSA member clubs that have at least two year's Audited Annual Financial Statements.

Unfortunately many organizations to which the club has reached out are not able to assist due to their strain from the pandemic.

With much of the club's 'war-chest' from 2020 being depleted, the club could be looking at the end of  the road should support not be forthcoming anytime soon.

Thus the club, Oki Gaming, has embarked on a crowdfunding project. 

You can help a lot, not only by just supporting, but also by sharing about the club's project, so please have a look!

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