Wednesday 18 August 2021

Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club hosts MSSA's first Derby event.

Terence Allwright (Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club) is ensuring that OEMSC stays on the cutting edge of the esports community.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has developed and instituted an exciting new championship format being the Derby event.

Also with the South African governments Level 3 Regulations, only official events can be held. Thus the Derby event complies with the legislation in allowing smaller decentralised events on a more frequent basis and may even be held online.

The event also allows the member club hosting the event to obtain sponsorships.

It should be noted that while only a member club may host the event, such host may allow non member clubs to participate in the event.

Thus MSSA's members are able to spread the word that Board games, Esports, and Wargames are fully accredited sports while at the same time delivering even more to their Registered Players and the community as a whole.

As part of his exciting initiative 
Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club (OEMSC) is hosting MSSA's first Derby event, as approved by the Board, on 18 August 2021. OEMSC will be hosting the event in two separate esports titles being DotA 2 and CounterStrike - GO.

The line-up represents teams the best that South Africa has to offer, being:

DotA 2Counter-Strike: GO
Sin 5 DOTARondebosch CS

The winners of the event will not only earn their Regional Colours, but will also participate in qualifying for MSSA's National Team Trials.

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