Friday 8 May 2015

Developments at the IeSA

Prof Sok-Rok Song (left) and Jaco Engelbrecht (right)
The MSSA stated in a recent facebook posting that it learnt with shock that the General Secretary, Prof. Sok-Rok Song, had resigned from his position on the IeSA (being the International eSports Federation for the Differently Abled).

The IeSA is the successor to the IeSMoD which was founded in 2011. However after a change of constitution, and change of name, the IeSA was born.

All those who ever participated in the IeSMoD or the IeSA will always be indebted to Prof. Sok-Rok Song for all the work that he put into making the IeSA a success.

According to Lim Puay Tiak, it will be difficult to replace  Prof. Sok-Rok Song as he was a prime mover and was always able to secure sufficient funding.

Apparently the President of the IeSA, President Lim, has taken over the reigns and is directly co-ordinating the IeSA's affairs.

Few South Africans though will ever forget the successes shared by Jaco Engelbrecht and Jason van Belkum at the IeSA World Championships on the island of Jeju in 2011.

The international community will always miss Prof. Sok-Rok Song, as it also wishes him every success in his future endeavours.

However, just moments ago the IeSA brought out a survey of the IeSA World Championship. Those interested may fill out the form. It takes just 5 mins.

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