Thursday 28 May 2015

Maryke leads yet another Tuks League of Legends team to victory!

Maryke Kennard - second from the left
There is no question about just how passionate Maryke Kennard is about the game of League of Legends, or LoL to some.

Maryke Kennard - second from the right
Maryke is the force that pushes and promotes the game in the Tuks Mindsports Club. Without Maryke's boundless enthusiasm and commitment, the teams from Tuks would certainly not do as well as they are.

Since 2014 Maryke has lead the Tuks Mindsports League of Legends to the following victories:
  • The 2014 MWEB Gauteng Provincial Championships, 
  • The 2014 MWEB South African National Championships, 
  • The 2015 MWEB Gauteng Provincial Championships, and
  • The 2015 MWEB Mapumulanga Provincial Championships.
For her efforts Maryke has earned both Gauteng Provincial Colours (in both the Student and Senior divisions) as well as South African Nationa Federation Colours (in both the Student and Senior divisions).

Should Maryke continue on this path, it is more than likely that she will become the first female in the history of the MSSA to be awarded the much desired Honours Award in both categories as well as in both divisions.

Such award will place her in among a very select group of people who have the Honours Award.

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