Monday 25 May 2015

Announcement of the official SA Counterstrike: GO squad.

Johan Heymans
With great delight, the MSSA is now in a position to announce the squad from which the official South African Counterstrike: Go teams will be drawn to represent South Africa at the upcoming World Championships as well as at the 7th IeSF World Championships later this this year.
Of course none of this would be possible without the continued support of MWEB. MWEB is the official team sponsor, and through their continued support, South Africa has been able to climb from being ranked 18th in the world in 2012 to be ranked 13th in the world in 2015.
The squad consists of nine of the finest Counterstrike players that participate in the official South African tournament scene.
To be selected or the final squad, each player qualified for National Team Trials at either a Regional, Provincial or National Championship. It was then at the official National Team trials that the squad was selected.
The squad has now gone through the full selection process and the Management Board has the pleasure of announcing the team.
Name Club Position
Heymans, Johan BerZerK Team Captain
Batzofin, Jason St John's College Player
Boucher, Michael BerZerK Player
Brown, Thomas All Stars Player
Krugel, Wilmar BerZerK Player
Nortjé, Thylé All Stars Player
Smale, Duncan St John's College Player
van Wamelen, Bastiaan St John's College Player
Venter, Cornel BerZerK Player
Boyes, Ryan BNKR Gaming Team Manager
The squad is now in full preparation for the qualifying matches for both championships.
The official award ceremony where each player shall be awarded his Protea Colours shall be done in due course prior to the first online qualifying match.

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