Sunday 17 May 2015

Tuks Mindsports club set to dominate Mpumalanga Championships in DotA 2

The Tuks Mindsports DotA 2 team with the spoils of war
The Tuks Mindsports Club is one of the newest clubs affiliated to the MSSA.

In its brief history since 2014, the club has been ably lead by Morne Snyman who has steered the club to become, without any doubt, the most promising eSports club in South Africa.

As such the Tuks Mindsports Club has totally overshadowed the once dominant Wits University Wargames Club as the leading university club in South Africa.

Already this year, 2015, the Tuks Mindsports Club has captured one victory after another.

Although the club did not attend the North West Provincial Championships in Klerksdorp, the club has won the following two official MSSA championships:
  • The MWEB Gauteng Provincial Championships, whereat the team won all their games, and where all the players were awarded Gauteng Provincial Colours, and
  • The MWEB Online DotA 2 Championships. At such championships, the team again won all their games and displayed to all their mastery over the game.

Thus the Tuks Mindsports Club's DotA 2 team has set themselves up as the team to beat, and is more than likely going to be the team that will take the honours at the 14th MWEB Mpumulanga Provincial Championships to be held on 23 & 24 May 2015.

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