Thursday 7 May 2015

Democracy rules!

Without doubt the MSSA is one of the most democratic sports organisations that exist - anywhere!

Clubs have a direct influence on the Annual General Meeting and their input is not watered down by artificial district and provincial structures.

Every club gets to see the Annual Financial Statements, decide on who is elected as well as have a say to any changes to the Constitution and Regulations.

And that is probably what irks the 'community'. The 'community' is largely made up of self-appointed guardians who do not have any form of electoral base and are certainly not voted in by anyone.

And that is probably why the 'community' (whoever they are, are so opposed to the MSSA.

The self-appointed 'community' is terrified of having to be voted in. It is after all a very humbling position to be in when you realise that you are not as popular as you thought you were.

But without fail, every year the MSSA holds its elections. Some clubs vote and others do not. Sometimes you get the person you want, and sometimes you don't, but in an organisation made up entirely of volunteers, that is really all you can hope for.

Even though the MSSA only holds its elections in December of every year, the MSSA has already started reminding the faithful of which positions are available. Incredible, the MSSA takes democracy so seriously!

The following positions will be up for election at the 2015 AGM in December 2015:

Management Board:
  • 1st Vice-President (in charge of development)
  • Board Gaming Representative
  • Card Gaming representative
  • Figure Gaming Representative
  • Member representing Players with disabilities

Provincial Directors:
  • Eastern Cape,
  • Free State,
  • Gauteng,
  • KwaZulu Natal,
  • Limpopo, 
  • Mpumulanga,
  • Northern Cape, and
  • Western Cape
Regional directors:
Selection Committee
  • All four positions
To stand for a position for any of the above positions, a player must be affiliated to an affiliated club and must be a fully-paid-up member as at the date of being nominated as well as at the date of election. Any Registered Player who has reached the age of majority may stand for any/all of the above-mentioned positions.
However, a Registered Player may only be elected into one position. Thus if a Registered Player is elected into a position, all other nominations are vitiated.
All nominations may only be made by affiliated members (clubs) which are fully -paid-up as at the date of the nomination.
No wonder that MWEB has sponsored the MSSA for three consecutive years.

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