Sunday 9 August 2015

Brazilian and Russian Draughts

Just seen on the MSSA facebook that the MSSA may be sending a player to participate in the 2015 edition of the Russian and Brazilian World Championships for the Brazilian and Russian variations of Draughts.

Such 2015 World Championships will be played in St Petersburg, Russia from 2 to 11 October 2015.

Few are aware that the championship carries prize money of 3,600,000.00 roubles (approximately US$64,000.00).

While it is unlikely that any South African, at their first ever foray, will end in the prize-money, the opportunity to go to Russia is fantastic. St Petersburg, often referred to as Venice of the North) is a truly beautiful city and is much steeped in history. 

History that changed the world, and which still reverberates in South African politics today!

Although the variation is different from the very much more static Anglo-American that is more popular in South Africa, this trip offers huge benefits for the person selected to go as well as for South Africa as a whole.

Brazilian Draughts has a great deal of similarity with a version played in South African townships, and is offer at the Western Cape Championships that will be played at Fairmont High School on 22 & 23 August 2015.

The rules are easily available:

Brazilian Draughts:
Russian Draughts:

Who will go and represent South Africa?

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