Saturday 1 August 2015

Connar Swart dominates MWEB Hearthstone school league

A dashing Connar Swart
Connar Swart, of Parklands College, totally dominated the 2015 edition on the MWEB Inter-School League for the game of Hearthstone.

Connar lead the championship right from the start and wasted no time whatsoever in enforcing his authority.

Thus Connar is the undisputed 2015 South African champion for the Hearthstone title.

It will be interesting to see if Connar enters the MSSA's MWEB 20th Western Cape Championships and the MSSA's MWEB Online Hearthstone Championships in order to become eligible for the National Team Trials.

It is at such National Team Trials (NTT) that Connar will have to face off against Francois Mouton, from Tuks Mindsports Club, to fight for a place in the 2015 MWEB Team eSports South Africa that will attend the IeSF'sa annual World Championships.

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