Saturday 1 August 2015

Notice for National Team Trials

The MSSA has produced national teams for eSports every year since 2005.
Who can ever forget Logan Brooke-Smith winning at the 2005 World Cyber Games, WCG,  in mobile games in 2005, or SK Gaming tour of South Africa in 2008 in both DotA and CS:1.6?
The loyal sponsorship by MWEB has also ensured that the MSSA could send teams to Bucharest (2013), Baku (2014), and to the IeSF's 7th World Championships in 2015.
However, there is a lot of work that goes into selecting a national team, as well as a great deal of compliance that needs to be met by the gamers, and by the federation.
Thus part of the compliance demands that members of the national eSports team must all be South African citizens, and must all meet the South African government's requirements for travel.
All gamers that qualify for National Team Trials must therefore please remember that they must have a valid passport at the date of the National Team Trials.
Gamers who have not yet reached the age of majority (that is, who are under the age of 18) also need to have their unabridged birth certificate by the time of National Team Trials.
Gamers who do not have such documentation at the date of the National Team trials, will not be considered for selection.
Gamers are therefore strongly advised to apply for such documentation as soon as they qualify for Trials!

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