Saturday 29 August 2015

Results of the MWEB 20th Western Cape Championships

The MWEB 20th Western Cape Championships that was played on 22 & 23 August 2015 and which was hosted by Fairmont High School, Durbanville proved to be a great success. Elize Crouse proved to be a most efficient administrator, and the problems with which the MSSA had to deal with were unexpected late entries as well as some of the teams not being aware of the rules of the competition.

What proved to be most pleasing was the number of learners that had attended the event. In fact only four events out of the 11 for which there were sufficient entries were not won by learners, and then three out of the four were won by educators.

Of course, much of the growth in the championship is due to the announcement by the MSSA that it will be sending a full team to the 7th IeSF World Championships in Seoul in December 2015.

The strength of gaming at school level bodes well for the growth of gaming both nationally and internationally.

With so many learners more than ably competing with their older counterparts, the MSSA is confident that it will find a great deal of talent in the schools. This talent, will be nurtured in order to provide a more aggressive competitive base in South Africa, which will hopefully be able to be translated into results on the international stage.

Thus it was not surprising to see the MSSA hand out Senior and High School Provincial Colours to no less than 36 gamers.

The winners of the various events are:

Fish Hoek High School
CounterStrike: GO - Premier
1 Rondebosch Boys High RBHS 4

DotA 2 - Premier
1 Fish Hoek High School FHHS 10

DotA 2 - High Schools
tie 1 POPOS (Parklands College) PC 5
1 MX (Parklands College) PC 5

Andrew Reeve
FIFA '15 - Premier
1 Andrew Reeve FHS 3

Hearthstone - Premier

1 Connar Swart Parklands 4
1 Ashley Mitchell Parklands 4
1 Jonathan Hu Parklands 4

Hearthstone - High Schools
1 Dylan Rees Parklands 0
Ashley Mitchell, Jonathan Hu, Connar Swart

League of Legends - Premier

1 Knights Mind Sports Club

Tekken Tag Tournament II - Premier

1 Andrea Bosch FHS 10

Trackmania - Premier

1 Zander Fritz FHS 10

StarCraft II - Premier

1 Nathan Anderson KMSC 10
Andrea Bosch

Brazilian Draughts - Premier

1 Andrea Bosch FHS 10

Morabaraba - Premier

1 Elize Crouse FHS 6

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