Saturday 8 August 2015


The MWEB Team eSports South Africa has its work cut out for itself when the qualifier rounds for the spot to represent Africa at the 2015 World Championships for CounterStrike: GO begins on 10 August 2015.
EgyptMoroccoLybiaAlgeriaTunisia and South Africa are all located in the same group where they will play each other in a best-of-one format while after each team play five group stage matches only one will qualify for Global Finals in Belgrade, Serbia. Travel and accommodation costs are covered by E-FRAG.NET. 
Although the qualifying rounds for Africa begin on 10 August 2015, it is not until 13 August 2015 that South Africa will take to the field.
Thus South Africa will play all four of its matches on only two days!
Thus while some may argue that the MWEB Team eSports SA have an advantage in that they can see how the other four countries play, there is a great deal of concern in the South African camp apropos the effects of fatigue among the team members.

A full list of all five African nation's teams participating in the
 African Qualifier are:
 Egypt Lybia

 Rami 'Dare_Dev1L' Rahman Auos 'Frosty' Alojaly
 Ahmad 'Ahmad' Khaled Abdullah 'Josh4tw' Albarsha
 Seif 'STK' Tarek Ali 'Espio-Fed-' Sallak
 Wael 'LogaN' Mahmoud Abdullah 'dA-DvL' El Gallal
 Amr 'GreWolf' Assem Mohammed 'Crocodile' Farina
 Rafeef 'Hunter' Natiq Muhimen 'nONOLINHO' Battor
 Ahmed 'AbuFasT' Mohamed Abdelrahman 'MeryDith' Tarbah
 Ehab 'Mickeykatze' Mohamed

 Rami 'Dare_Dev1L' Rahman - (M)      Auos 'Frosty' Alojaly - (M)

 Algeria Tunis

 Toafek 'Hydromeister' Hayder Bahaeddine 'Attiaz' Attia
 Walid 'ColdNess' Haddou Mohamed 'torr' Hamdani
 Nacim 'GGta' Khalfi Alaeddine 'Potei' Chaari
 Achraf Sami 'Nier' Serrai Mehdi 'edge' Zouaghi
 Racim 'MvRiK' Boumalit Oussama 'Reina' Khediri
 Anis Fawzi 'Blaq' Abdelaziz Yessine 'Vins' Hammami
 Bilal 'Atilla' Ghemari Najd 'w33dh4x' Khemiri
 Akram 'Saylar' Zeghimi Hakim 'SHOGUN' Ben Tanfous

 Adel 'Remind' Guermassi
 Chakib 'Cursed' Boudjakdji - (M)         Hatem 'SHEVA' Guermassi

 Oussama 'MTLC' Reguez

 Salim 'moNster' Mansouri

 Bahaeddine Attiaz Attiaz - (M)

 Morocco South Africa

 Yolussef 'razoR' Bousetta Johan 'Zaphire' Heymans
 Nadir 'vespeR' Laroussi Wilmar 'Invert' Kr├╝gel
 Ali 'Alislak' Hibatallah Cornel 'Random' Venter
 Tarik 'SaAtaN' Naciri Michael 'Swagrid' Boucher
 Youssef 'cactu' Ait Amghar Duncan 'Paratex' Smale
 Mouhamed 'yoshy' Ouarid Bastiaan 'MellowPanda' van Wamelen
 Hakim 'haks' Tadlaoui Jason 'Jay' Batzofin
 Salah 'Salah' Moujeb Thyle 'CyberTron' Nortje
 Amine 'poggY' Benbada Thomas 'Chippy' Brown
 Oussama 'Almighty' Barazzouk       

 Salah 'Salah' Moujeb - (M) Ryan 'Snowflake' Boyes - (M)

The schedule of games from August 10-14 is:
 Algeriavs.  Morocco  Aug 10     14:00 CEST (BO1)
 Moroccovs.  LybiaAug 10     15:00 CEST (BO1)
 Lybia               vs.  Egypt                Aug 10     16:00 CEST (BO1)
 Tunisia            vs.  Algeria     Aug 11     14:00 CEST (BO1)
 Morocco  vs.  Tunisia  Aug 11     15:00 CEST (BO1)
 Egypt             vs.  Morocco            Aug 11     16:00 CEST (BO1)
 Lybia   vs.  Algeria               Aug 12     14:00 CEST (BO1)
 Tunisia   vs.  Lybia                Aug 12     15:00 CEST (BO1)
 Algeria            vs.  EgyptAug 12     16:00 CEST (BO1)
 Egypt    vs. TunisiaAug 13     14:00 CEST (BO1)
 South Africa    vs. Egypt                 Aug 13     15:00 CEST (BO1)
 Tunisia    vs. South Africa    Aug 13     16:00 CEST (BO1)
 South Africa    vs. Morocco             Aug 14     14:00 CEST (BO1)
 Algeria    vs. South Africa  Aug 14     15:00 CEST (BO1)
 South Africa    vs. Lybia  Aug 14     16:00 CEST (BO1)

Entire tournament will be streamed on multiple languages on including English on E-Frag TV so tune in on time to watch best African players in battle for Global Finals of $100,000 The World Championships 2015. In addition, all matches will show up on the right side of the E-FRAG.NET homepage with all information including starting lineups, maps, result, time and date.

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