Wednesday 19 August 2015

IeSF's 7th e-Sports World Championship

Press Release

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The 7th e-Sports World Championship is held in Seoul, South Korea

Emily (Sweden) with Yolande (South africa) in Baku
The International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) has announced that the 7th e-Sports World Championship 2015, which is the sole international e-Sports event where players compete as representing their countries will be held in Seoul, South Korea in early December 2015.

The city of Lodz, which had been selected as the host city of the 7th e-Sports World Championship 2015 withdrew hosting the event due to political issues from the city in May, 2015. The board and the technical committee of IeSF examined candidates who applied to become the new host city, and finally decided Seoul as the host city of the 7th e-Sports World Championship, and officially announced that the 7th e-Sports World Championship will be held in Seoul from December 2 to 5.

With the announcement of the new host city, IeSF technical committee has also announced the official titles for the 7th e-Sports World Championship 2015. After reviewing the e-Sports culture in the host country and the demands of its member National Federations, IeSF has finalized following 3 official game titles: League of Legends, StarCraft® II’ and Hearthstone®: Heroes of Warcraft™’. These titles are opened to all potential players regardless of gender, disability or age ever since they are officially selected by the National Federations representing their countries.

League of Legends was the official title for the 5th e-Sports World Championship Bucharest 2013. In order to promote and expand the amateur base globally, IeSF and Riot Games made a consensus to limit participating players to amateur players, who have not participated in professional and semi pro League of Legends competitions in 2015.

StarCraft II has been continuously adopted as official title for IeSF World Championship since 2011, and participation of member nations representative players are growing fast year by year. Moreover, in 2013 from 5th e-Sports World Championship, it has been seen that many of female players participation in the game. On the other hand, Hearthstone was selected as the 6th e-Sports World Championship 2014’s official title, and brought issues like female participating in open for all division and 16 years old Tunisian player, Ben Amine won the Champion.

Concurrently announcing titles, IeSF 43 member national federations will commence their national qualifiers. Players who are selected through national qualifier will be formally recognized as sports athletes representing each country at the World Championship with endorsement of their government or national sports authority.

The official Entry Registration for 7th e-Sports World Championship 2015 is now open, and IeSF will announce all fixed participants list from each country by October.

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