Monday 18 January 2016

Date for eSports National Team Trials has been set - 4 June 2015

MSSA takes international eSports  events seriously,  and  international events take MSSA seriously in return.

Thus after participating in 33 international eSports events since 2005, South Africa is currently  ranked as 13th in the world by the International eSports Federation (IeSF).

Every year there are also refinements to the National Team Trials in order to produce a more competitive team while balancing the development of the skills base of  the team with  the development of players in terms of the national priorities of  the country.

To better prepare the team, MSSA's Management Board has agreed to hold 'Trials' for its eSports Team on 4 June 2016 to  allow  for better training and preparation ahead of the grueling international competition that  awaits the 2016 Protea eSports Teams.

MSSA's  Calendar of  Events for the 2016 year may be found on:

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