Monday 4 January 2016

If only....

Finland vs MWEB Protea eSports Team
Turning on my television my senses were again bombarded by cricket...

Now that is all well and good, especially for cricket  lovers, but for those who do not really care much for  cricket (which quite frankly) is  the majority of the population, it is  somewhat of a bore!

One can also only imagine if all of the other sports were given the same amount of coverage, how much bigger and better funded would those sports be?

Even 'Cinderella' sports would grow exponentially as many of such sports would  be much more interesting to watch, and with increased advertising would be able to far more entertaining to the viewer at home.

However, for eSports, which already, in my opinion, is in the  top five watched sports, increased TV coverage would see benefits accrue  to players  on a never-before-level.
Yet SABC TV, and SUPERSPORT stick to the tried-and-tested recipe and will probably only change once they have  realised that they are flogging a 'dead-horse'.

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