Saturday 2 January 2016

Will Vasudev have another stellar year?

Vasudev 'Taga Kahn' Stringer
2015 was without doubt a good year for Vasudev 'Taga Kahn' Stringer.

In July Vasudev won Ster Kinekor Entertainment's MORTAL KOMBAT X competition to become the undisputed unofficial champion of the  game title.

Then,  later in the year, Vasudev was selected to represent South Africa in the MWEB Protea ESports Team at the IeSF's 7th World Championships in Seoul for the title  of League of Legends.

At such IeSF 7th World Championships Vasudev was instrumental in helping South Africa fight itself into 12th place in the world rankings.

With the introduction of MORTAL KOMBAT X into MSSA's official line-up,  Vasudev may just have found yet another game title to take yet another official title.

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