Wednesday 27 January 2016

Finnish eSports Federation receives a grant, and StarCraft 2 ex-pro begins coach training

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Grant awarded to Finnish eSports Federation by government 

Finnish Ministry of Culture and Education released the grant amounts for national youth work organizations on January 25th. New Minister of Culture and Education Sanni Grahn-Laasonen has granted total of 3.2 million euros for total of 55 national youth work organizations for fiscal year 2016.

Finnish eSports Federation (SEUL) was once again one of the ten largest beneficiaries placing 9th this year, receiving 83 000 euros which meant 15 000 euro raise in the grant amount compared to the last year. 2016 is fourth year in a row in which Minister of Culture and Education has approved a grant for the national eSports Federation.

Finnish ex-pro player begins coach training 

Finnish ex-pro StarCraft 2 player Samuli “elfi” Sihvonen has been accepted for coach training in Vierumäki campus of The Sport Institute of Finland. Sihvonen begins his yearlong course on 17th of February and aims to be the first professional e-sports coach.

“During my player career I noticed that coaching would be really beneficial especially on the mental side of the sports. Currently there are no Finnish e-sports coaches so after ending my player career I started to think if I could become one. My goal is to give better possibilities for new rising stars with support that I was missing.” commented Sihvonen.

Finnish eSports Federation supports Sihvonen with a stipend that covers the cost of the coach training course and aims to use this training as a pilot program to find out valuable information how traditional sports training can be implemented in e-sports.

“Samuli’s application was noticed immediately when it arrived and we are really excited about the possibilities and views e-sports could bring with it.“ commented training center deputy director Raino Nieminen from Vierumäki.  
Sihvonen’s player career started in mid-2000’s and became known as a world class StarCraft 2 player. During his career he represented such organizations as Fnatic, Team Acer, ENCE eSports and Vega Squadron. Sihvonen was awarded as “The Player of the Year 2012” by Finnish eSports Federation.

Before applying for the coach training Sihvonen has organized two weekend-long StarCraft 2 training camps and has engaged in personal training of younger players. Camps organized in December 2014 and February 2015 received overwhelmingly positive feedback and reception.

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Erkka Jouste  President Finnish eSports Federation / Suomen elektronisen urheilun liitto - SEUL ry

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