Sunday 10 January 2016

Question just in....

How is this for a  recent question?

"I  really want to play for the national  team. I realise that it  is my only chance to go overseas and be noticed. Unfortunately my team owner (redacted) has signed a contract with its sponsors that forbids me and all other team members to play for a team  that is not sponsored by that  sponsor. The team owner also refuses to allow the team to take part in MSSA events".

Well, this  is a very complex legal  issue.

If the team owner has signed a contract with  the team's sponsors that  the team members may only play for a team sponsored by such sponsor, then, short of resigning from such team, the player concerned will not be able to play for the national team  if such sponsor does not also sponsor the national team as well.

Also, if the team owner does not want his team to participate in MSSA events, that is his  choice entirely.

However, why anyone would play for such a team is beyond me as the players will be forfeiting many opportunities and limiting their own futures.

Players need to look at their opportunities in both the short-term and the long-term.

However, it must be noted that  a team that is 'owned' by any one individual would not be able to affiliate to MSSA.

MSSA is a non-profit organisation, and only other non-profit organisations may affiliate to MSSA.

Of course is a player is playing for an organisation that  is other than a non-profit  organisation, it could also then be argued that the player is employed by such owner/company. It such a case the Basic Employment Act would apply and the players would be entitled to all sorts of benefits -- including a salary.

Happy 2016!

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