Saturday 9 January 2016

Something big is about to happen....

Swedish and South African flags with MSSA logo in the middle
There have been rumours  that MSSA was planning something for 2015...

It seems  as though  this is a case of there being 'no smoke without fire'!

As we move further-and-further into 2016, MSSA is  releasing cryptic clues.

On facebook, MSSA has stated to date: 

8/1/2016: Someone very special is coming to SA... Just who can it be?

9/1/2016: The very special someone is coming from @svenskesport

On Twitter, MSSA has stated:
9/1/2016: The very special someone is coming from
I just can't wait for the big reveal!
Who is it?
For which game title is it?
Ooh, it is just too exciting!

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