Tuesday 19 January 2016

One can only wonder...

'Loda' in South Africa in 2008
Every December and January,  South Africa television stations are awash with cricket.

Don't get me wrong, I find cricket to be nice enough. I mean, even some of my best friends have,  and do, play  cricket.

Why, I have even introduced SK Gaming to  the game.

Yes, SK Gaming played the Protea eSports Team in cricket inn 2008, and even though bvd_Cent was there to help the Protea eSports Team, the Swedes still chalked up an impressive victory....

But I  digress!

The point  is, while watching the  seemingly endless hours of coverage, my mind wandered.

Would not ANY other sport be as popular, or perhaps even more so if they received the same amount of coverage as cricket?

The answer is undeniably, yes for many sports.

Several years ago SASCOC stated that  it was going  to start its own TV channel. I do not think that there was a voice in opposition to that noble statement.

Unfortunately it was not to be. The idea seem to die on the board-room table, and nothing more about it was ever said again.

Certainly I believe that there is room for a dedicated sports channel. There is more than enough content, and, with over 100 sporting codes, the channel will have a huge following.

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