Wednesday 6 January 2016

What is the role of MSSA's President?

Simphiwe Maphumulo - president of MSSA
Even SASCOC seems to battle with this as a concept.

The role of the  president is a purely constitutional one.

The  president is the  public  officer, he is the mouth-piece of  MSSA, he represents MSSA at official functions,  and he chairs  the Management Board Meetings, executive Committee  and Annual General Meetings.

Thus the President  is only able to give the official view as decided upon by the various committees.

Of course some would  have it another way.

In some organisations, like the  Old Edwardian Society, the President only has to look after the dignity of the  organisation -  like the  British  Monarchy - where  the Queen does not interfere in  the sordid matter of  politics,  but instead maintains the dignity of the state.

Similarly, in the  Old  Edwardian Society, it is the  Chairman who gets  down to the everyday business.

However, no matter what form an association takes, whether  it be SASCOC, IOC, FINA, SARFU, ASA, the president may only exercise the powers accorded to him/her by the body's constitution, and may only represent the agreed will of such body.

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