Friday 20 May 2016

Some questions about Mind Sports South Africa

Stephen Fowler de Witt
 has raised three questions apropos  the running of Mind Sports South Africa.

In order to create a greater awareness among gamers, the questions are answered here, 

Stephen Fowler de Witt's questions are in red, and MSSA's answers in red. 

Question 1: How many members is currently affiliated with MSSA? From that total amount of members. How many actually participate in E-sports? (I would like to know the number because the MSSA has told me before that we can join and change it from within. For us to have a majority vote, we would need the majority number of members. So it is important that this number is accurate).


To fully understand the way in which MSSA operates, it is important to  understand the structure of MSSA.

Registered players are affiliated to clubs. Clubs are then affiliated to MSSA.

It is the club that is  the member of MSSA.

In order to operate a club, a club must have at least three Registered Players to be a legal entity. Some clubs affiliated to MSSA have over 200 registered players.

In total, there are 53 clubs  affiliated to MSSA throughout South Africa.

Since MSSA is a democratic institution, it  is important to note that all decisions made at every level are done through voting, and the majority decision always holds sway.

Question 2: Where is the current president of the MSSA? We never hear from him. Ever. Would like to communicate with him as well.

Simphiwe Maphumulo
Simphiwe Maphumulo was  elected as  the  President of Mind Sports  South Africa in December 2013. Simphiwe's term of  office comes  to  an end in December 2016 when new elections for such shall be held.

Simphiwe has served with distinction during his term of office and has had to  deal with many issues in his  portfolio.

It is not true that gamers have not heard from him. All press releases  issued are first approved  by the President before being issued by MSSA.

For people to contact the  President, they are welcome to do so by writing to MSSA's office.

Maryke Kennard receiving her Protea Colours from Ryan Boyes

Question 3: Who currently runs the E-sport sector within the MSSA? Would we be able to replace him once we all join?

The current Chairman of the eSports Board of Control is Ryan Boyes.

As stated many times previously, all positions are voted upon at the Annual General Meeting every December.

Positions  on the Management Board are all voluntary (in  other words, there is  no pay) and  are for a period of three years.

The positions available at the 2016 Annual General Meeting may be found on

As you will  no doubt notice, MSSA has publicised the positions since March 2016 so that everybody is aware of such.
Any full-paid-up Registered Player is able to stand for any position as long as a member club nominates such player,  and another member club seconds such nomination.

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