Friday 20 May 2016

8th IeSF World Championship 2016 - Jakarta

International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) hereby announces that IeSF has selected the primary official games to be played in the 8th IeSF World Championship 2016 to  be held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The official games are League of Legends (LoL), Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO), and Hearthstone. IeSF has finalized negotiations with the game developers which are Riot Games, Valve Corporation and Blizzard Entertainment. IeSF has decided to open the participation of all titles to all people regardless of gender, age or disabilities.

This is the first time that ‘CS:GO’ has been selected as an official title for IeSF's e-Sports World Championships. CS:GO is one of the most popular games in Indonesia, the host country of the 8th IeSF World Championship.

League of Legends was previously the official title for the 7th e-Sports World Championship - Seoul 2015. IeSF and Riot Games agreed to limit participating players to amateur players, who have not participated in LCS or LOL Semi Pro events in 2016 in order to expand LOL amateur base world-wide.

Hearthstone has again been selected as an official title for the third consecutive year from the 6th e-Sports World Championship, Baku (2014) until the 8th e-Sports World Championship, Jakarta (2016). In the 7th e-Sports World Championship, Milos Perovic, Hearthstone player from Serbia, led his country to become the overall champion by winning 1st place in Hearthstone.

IeSF World Championship is the only international e-Sports competition based on nationality. The 7th World Championship held in Seoul, Korea boasted 180 participants from 33 countries, and the overall champion was Serbia. Indonesia participated in the host city bidding process of the 8th IeSF World Championship and IeSF Board Members reviewed all the host city candidates for 8th e-Sports World Championship. After reviewing all of the candidates, IeSF Board selected Jakarta, Indonesia as the host city for 8th e-Sports World Championship. Member nations of IeSF which participate IeSF World Championship will hold National Qualifiers to qualify players who represent their countries.

The total prize pool is 54,000 USD, which is broken down to 20,000 USD for each team title, 4,000 USD for the individual title, and 10,000 USD for overall champion nation. According to the performance of each National Federation and quality of national qualifying rounds, IeSF will be supporting 200,000 USD for athlete travel.

8th e-Sports World Championships 2016 will be held from 6th to 9th of October, 2016 in Ancol Beach Auditorium, Jakarta, Indonesia.

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