Thursday 26 May 2016

The state of South African eSports

Unbelievably there are gamers who would prefer to go  to the local event held at The Dome than would try out for the National Protea eSports Team because;

  1. The event is at the same time as the 8th IeSF World Championships - Jakarta, and
  2. Such players think that they can win and thereby earn a new computer. 

Both of the above two reasons show the real state of South African gaming.

The two reasons show that South African gaming is still in its infancy.

South Africans would rather  play among themselves than test  their metal against foreign competition. This may be due to players not having any faith in themselves, or that they, as yet, do not take gaming seriously enough to see if they are able to compete against players from other countries.

It also shows that South African  gamers choose the 'quick-and-easy' path over the more difficult road to international competition.

Why spend years developing players when you can take the short-cut and get instant gratification. Of course it is less rewarding, but at least you have a chance of winning it!

Then of course, there is  the lack of commitment.

In all other sports athletes commit a great deal of time and own resources in the pursuit of excellence.

Not so with many gamers, much must be free and paid for....

Gamers, to be truly competitive, must be single-minded in their approach, and tough - really tough, if they want to make it in competitive gaming.

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