Friday 18 November 2016

9th IeSF e-Sports World Championship 2017 - Host City Bidding Opportunity

IeSF's 8th World Championships - Jakarta
The International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) has once again announced the host city bidding opportunity for 9th IeSF e-Sports World Championship, the sole e-Sports competition based on nationality.

IeSF hosts an annual World Championships. The host city for the 2016edition of such World Championships was Jakarta, Indonesia.

Thus, the host city bidding process is currently up on running for the 9th IeSF e-Sports World Championship, which will be held in 2017. There is a great deal of excitement as three candidates have already expressed the desire to become the next host for the World Championship.

All bids have to be submitted on or before 30th of December 2016.

IeSF takes deciding on the host seriously and due process is always followed.

In order to make the decision for the host city, IeSF supplies applicants with a “Host City Bidding Application Form” with a number of documents attached, including:
  • Official Announcement for Host Bidding,
  • IeSF Event Manual,
  • IeSF Introduction, and
  • IeSF Doping Control Guidebook.
National Federations, willing to host the event, are required to return the completed application forms, which include:
  • Letter of Intent and
  • Letter of Guarantee.
Detailed information such as accommodation, dining, transportation, venue, medical care, broadcasting, official titles and security needs also be included in the documentation.

IeSF first held its e-Sports World Championship in 2009 in Taebaek, Korea, where over 150 participants from 20 nations competed. The event was held in Korea from 2009 until 2013 when it was held in Bucharest, Romania.

The event in Bucharest demonstrated clearly that IeSF was more than competent in holding such World Championships anywhere in the world. Bucharest too saw the event grow to more than 500 participants from 51 nations.

After Bucharest, the World Championships were more than ably hosted by Baku - Azerbaijan, Seoul - Korea, and Jakarta - Indonesia.

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