Thursday 17 November 2016

Elishia Retief awarded the Sheila Webster Trophy by the Old Edwardian Society

Elishia Retief.
The Sheila Webster trophy was awarded by the Old Edwardian Society at its Annual Sportsman of the Year Awards on Wednesday evening, 16 November 2016 to Elishia Retief.

Sheila Webster was  renown for her work in swimming circles and was much admired by the likes of Sam Ramsamy, Gideon Sam and Jace Naidoo. Sheila Webster served the interests of swimmers continuously from club to provincial level from 1974 through to 2010 and finally ended up as  Hon. Vice-President of Central Gauteng Aquatics. Having always championed the rights and needs of female athletes, it is therefore befitting that a trophy named after her should be awarded at the Old Edwardian Society's Annual Sportsman of the Year Awards.

Elishia too deserves the award.

Over the years since Elishia joined the Old Edwardian Wargames Club, Elishia has earned:
  • City of Johannesburg Regional Colours, 
  • Gauteng Provincial Colours, 
  • South African National Colours, and 
  • Protea Colours.
Elishia too has been twice crowned as the female World Champion.

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