Sunday 20 November 2016

Thanks to those that do.

Volunteers making it happen.
Many people think that serving on a non-profit body as a volunteer is only something that happens when there is an event taking place.

However, that is not true.

Being a volunteer often means that you put in more dedication than what you put into your paying career.

The reason for such is that when you  get home from a long day at work, instead  of just switching off, the volunteer then applies his/her mind to the issues confronting the non-profit organisation.

There is planning of the year's events, preparation of the national teams, ensuring that the administration is up to date, and sometimes having to pick up the slack of others who are not as enthusiastic.

Without such dedication, organisations like IeSF, IWF, FMJD, MSSA, and all the other national federations, would not exist.

A position on a national federation, while looking good on a curriculum vitae, is more than that, it is a passion, a calling, a wish to leave a legacy behind and to see others benefit in a way that is only made possible by those who put  in and ask for nothing in return.

To all those that serve on committees, gamers, whether they know it or not, thank you!

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