Sunday 13 November 2016

Run up to the 2016 S A National Championships

Winners, one and all!
MSSA's annual S A National Championships is to take place on 3 & 4 December 2016.

Thus looking back over the past three years, it is pleasing to see a greater number of both women and school taking part.

In fact, it is quite interesting to see just how many registered players who have done well in the SA Nationals are called up for duty in the national Protea Teams whether ut be for board games, esports, and/or wargames.

The 2016 year also sees the introduction of PES '16, and Mortal Kombat X.

However, it should be noted that the Call of Duty and OSU titles has been dropped as not enough interest (as evidenced through entries at all provincial and regional championships in 2015) was shown.

Winners over the past three years are:

Title 2015 2014 2013
Name of player/team Name of player/team Name of player/team
Ancients (female) - Elishia Retief (Old Edwardian Wargames) Elishia Retief (Old Edwardian Wargames)
Ancients Garth Schoeman (KMSC) Jason Batzofin (St John’s) Colin Webster (Old Edwardian Wargames)
Checkers (female) Sharné Nortjé (Tuks) Lucille Brown (All Stars) Sonja Brown (All Stars)
Checkers Francois Mouton (Tuks) Lubabalo Kondlo (Dr Niederhoffer Memorial Club) Lubabalo Kondlo (Dr Niederhoffer Memorial Club)
COD: ‘latest version’ (PS) PR0NHS (Northcliff) PR0NHS (Northcliff) A9L8 (Hoerskool Generaal Hertztog)
COD: ‘latest version’ (XBOX) Apex gaming (BNKR) BNKR gaming Team Astra (2up)
COD: ‘latest version’ (PC) - Electra (KMSC) RAGNRROK (Veneration)
CounterStrike: GO VOID (White Rabbit Gaming) Tuks Mind Sports Slightly on Fire (HTS Witbank)
DotA 2 (female) - - LLAMAS (HTS Witbank)
DotA 2 PHBS Red (Pretoria Boys) Tuks Mind Sports NGB (BNKR)
FIFA (female) Joline Bico (HTS Witbank) - -
FIFA Kyle Turnbull (HTS Witbank) Kyle Turnbull (HTS Witbank) Kyle Turnbull (HTS Witbank)
HearthStone (female) Maryke Kennard (Tuks) - -
HearthStone Brandon Horn (Pretoria Boys) Barry West (Tuks) -
League of Legends Tuks Mind Sports Tuks Mind Sports LLAMAS (HTS Witbank)
Morabaraba (female) Lucille Brown (Hoerskool Generaal Hertzog) - Lucille Brown (Hoerskool Generaal Hertzog)
Morabaraba Johannes Makua (All Stars) Frans Mazibuko (Tuks) Johannes Makua (All Stars)
OSU (female) Lucille Brown (Hoerskool Generaal Hertzog) - -
StarCraft II (female) Morizane Boyes (HTS Witbank - -
StarCraft II Gideon Hefer (KMSC) Morizane Boyes (HTS Witbank) Morizane Boyes (HTS Witbank)
Tekken (female) Morizane Boyes (HTS Witbank) Morizane Boyes (HTS Witbank) Leonie Koen (Veneration)
Tekken Filipe Batista (HTS Witbank) Baber Abbas (Tekken Guru) Andre Potgieter (HTS Witbank)
Ultimate Street Fighter Armand Eicker (HTS Witbank) - -

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