Wednesday 30 November 2016

May National Team Members play in non MSSA events?

The National Protea Team in action at IeSF's 8th World Championships - Jakarta
This is a question that comes up all the time.

It is also something which MSSA's detractors simply love to misstate in order to create as much confusion as possible.
MSSA allows all of its National Team Members to enter any competition that they want to. 
However, the National team Member must, and can, only represent a clan that is currently affiliated to the MSSA. Thus, for example, Joe Bloggs as a member of the National Team, and affiliated to Clan A which is a member of the MSSA, means he cannot play for any clan that is not affiliated to the MSSA. 
Should a clan that is not a member of the MSSA indulge in ambush marketing by claiming that he is a member, the MSSA will expect the player to publicly renounce any such claim.
Therefore, any member of the National Protea Team may still play for his/her club/team in any event both locally and abroad.

Anyone who states the alternative is merely a mischief-maker!

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